I am a huge believer in helping others. With this new scheme, you can put any spare change to good use and help others too. Please click on the 'Donate' button below to start helping straight away.

With donations made by generous donors, I am able to help those that cannot afford therapy and also help to impact our nation's athletes too. Not many sports-people get funding for things such as mental health. They tend to get a lot of support and many sponsorship deals that provide them with equipment, but we all know that good mental health is just as important, if not more so, than a good pair of running spikes.

If you can please find some spare change to put towards sponsored sessions, this would be so helpful in my efforts to help the current generation of sports people.

With sponsored therapy in mind, we can not forget those that are in dire need and those that would benefit greatly from the kind of help that only Psychologists and therapists can give.

The Funding that comes through to this particular initiative, will be earmarked for those that desperately need attention towards their mental health. This funding will go towards helping me to provide Psychological help for those that would normally not be helped. Please help my cause to bring a shining light to those that are in a dark place!