I am a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialising in counselling, CBT and DBT.

My studies have been mostly with nonverbal communication.

After finding an interest in the area as a young adult, this peaked as I met with
ome of the world's leading experts in the area at the time and they kindly took me
under their wings.

After only a few years, I was able to formulate my own ideas and research. This is
what brings me to today, with the ability to teach others and pass on some of the
knowledge that is hard to find in your average textbook.

I enjoy working with my clients, whether it is equipping them through CBT and/or
DBT or helping with on subjects such as Proxemics (the study of personal space and
distances) and Haptics (the study of touch) to Courtship Gestures and Emotional

Together, we can look at any issues that life may have brought your way. We'll find
the answers that you need to meet your goals and we'll achieve them all in good time.

I also work with the less fortunate in their hard times too. It is with the kind donations
taken through the 'Pay It forward' initiative that I am able to really spend some quality
time with tho
se that are in need, but who cannot afford it on their own. This provides the
homeless and others that cannot afford therapy with a chance to really get the mental
health help that they need.

Alternatively, donations can also be earmarked for Sports People that may represent
your country one day. Athletes and other sports-peo
ple tend to get a lot sponsorship
deals for things like sports equipment, but very rarely are they offered psychological
help for their events at an affordable price. Most athletes in the UK, for example will
be given funding for most things, but I have yet to see any funding for their mental
health. I have been given the opportunity to work with some of UK:Athletic's most
promising young athletes and I intend on doing my best. It is with the help from my
generous donors that we can keep this service alive.

Enough about me, my services are about you!

Please have a look around my site and if I can be of any assistance, get in contact.