'Body Language in Relationships'

This is a fantastic workshop for learning how body
language is key to your relationship.

Communication is key to any relationship. Body language is key to communicating.
So body language is key to relationships.

This is an ideal workshop for those simply wishing to communicate better with others.
In this workshop we will discus what issues may arise from lack of communication
and we will cover other key topics.

Brief summary of a few of the modules:

'The dating game'

In this module we will explore the male and female courtship gestures from all over the world. We will learn how to spot any potential interest from people in our specific 'dating arena'. This module will also see how 'Graham's Theory' really works. 

'Key to Communication'

In this module we will see how some of the easiest, yet silliest miscommunication can happen.
You will be amazed at the benefits to your love-life because of this module.

'Unconditional love'

This module is for anyone wishing to communicate better with their loved-ones, such as their children, siblings or parents. We will cover new colloquialisms within body language to explain what these "new" gestures may mean.

As with each workshop, we will have time at the end for Q&A.

If you are interested and would like to enquire further, please visit the 'contact me' page.