'Pro's Only' 

This is an intense yet very effective workshop for professionals only. This will include professional liars and those who intend on spotting lies. (Please note that in the body language world a professional liar can include poker players and actors, to name but a few). 

How easy do you find it to spot the truth? 

How hard do you find it to hide the truth? 

Body language is key to communicating. When a person is being deceitful they 'leak' the truth with their face and body. In this workshop I will not only show you how to spot these 'leaks' of deceit, but also how to be more convincing when 'bluffing' or 'acting'. We will discuss potential issues that may arise in an interrogative and negotiating environment, for instance in a Police questioning or company boardroom with high stakes.

Brief summary of a few of the modules:

'Deceit vs. Not telling the truth'

In this module we will learn that if you are being deceitful it does not necessarily mean that you are lying. We will also see how lies and deceit can be both the opposite and the same as each other. 

'Interview techniques'

As I am sure, this module does not need much of a brief and I would also prefer not to give too much away to the public, as this workshop is designed for professionals only.

'Spotting deceit'

This module will look at the specific areas of body language that show classic 'leaks' or 'tells' known to betray a liar during their stories.
We will take a close look at the eyes, face and body individually.


Myths are amazing. The way they just seem to turn up and create miscommunication. 
This module will dispel any such myths that may try to ruin your deceit detection in the future.

As with each workshop, we will have time at the end for Q&A

If you are interested and would like to enquire further, please visit the 'contact me' page.