Public Speaking and Address

This is a fantastic workshop for learning confidence and self-awareness. How easy do you find communicating your message and making sure that the maximum amount of the audience's population is listening? Body language is key to communicating. When your audience can see your confidence as you address them, they will see confidence in your words also. This is an ideal workshop for those who wish to communicate better with groups, such as classrooms, conferences, church congregations or their team at work. In this workshop we will discus what issues may arise from lack of confidence in your physical appearance and we will cover other key topics.

Brief summary of a few of the modules:

'Engaging with your audience'

In this module we will learn how to engage with your audience professionally and calmly.
You will learn how to 'keep them with you', so to speak.


This is all about what the your audience sees, whether you are aware or not.
At this point in the course we will also learn how to portray your message clearly and fully.


This modules title really does give the message away. However, in this module you will learn to be aware of your own body language much more. This will enable you to adapt it to your message and stay clear, so that your verbal and non-verbal communications are in sync with each other.

As with each workshop, we will have time at the end for Q's&A's.

If you are interested and would like to enquire further, please visit the 'contact me' page.