If you feel that you or a friend may benefit from learning how to defend yourself physically, then please allow me to help.

Whether you are looking to holiday somewhere unfamiliar or have had to deal with an uncomfortable situation lately, it is never too late to start learning self-defence.

I was only young when my father, who was a highly trained martial artist, started to teach me how to defend myself. My father taught me a lot, things I'll never forget. I have been able to adapt what was useful to me throughout many encounters in my past, to fit into a clearly understandable self-defence class for the vulnerable.

As time has moved forward, so have my abilities to defend myself and to teach others.

I have learned over the years that defending oneself does not always mean being the greatest fighter,
punching hardest or kicking highest.
It is much more to do with the need to survive and the ability to use your surroundings, keeping in mind your physical limits.

I am not here to teach you how to pass the 'Shodan' (black belt test in Karate).

I am here to show you how to adapt the techniques I have learnt from my father to your own world
and the situations you may place yourself in.

If you would like a female to be present in our session, I am happy for you to come with a friend.
I have a female chaperone of my own during some classes and I completely understand if that would
make you more comfortable.

I am able to do home visits with you if you would prefer. However, I will only work on this basis with families or couples.

Please visit the 'contact me' page if you wish to enquire further.